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Cricket Kids Coach Induction & Cricket Coach

Cricket Kids Coach Induction

CIA provides the coveted opportunities to young coaches who want to make their career in cricket coaching.


The aim of this coach induction is to equip the coaches with the necessary skills and information to become actively involved with the kids during cricket coaching sessions.

This induction largely includes practical training, inputs on child psychology, lots of fun and an assessment process for the development of the skills which are required to supervise and instruct kids.

While coaching kids of the age 5-8 years, a coach should keep in mind, number of issues to ensure that all players have an enjoyable experience. The coach should be aiming to create an environment where players can have fun, enhance their knowledge, improve their Skills and manifest the understanding of teamwork.

Coaching Philosophy:

Coaches should create an environment where kids can improve their knowledge and understanding of cricket, develop social skills and their relationships with other children, improve their physical fitness and values that will encourage participation and enjoyment of sport and cricket in particular.

A coach’s philosophy should to a large degree reflect their personality and most importantly should be flexible enough to cater for the needs of all players within the team.

  • opportunity for both, Boys & Girls.
  • Skills and Technique based program.
  • Training by experience and acclaimed Indian faculty.
  • Unique Coach Training Program
  • Personalized Interactive Sessions
  • Individual assessment.

Role of the coach:

Always remember – Kids want to play cricket, let them play!

Beginner coaches shall have following key traits:

  1. Encourage equal opportunities for all to participate
  2. Develop basic skills
  3. Offer enjoyment for all participants

Cricket Kids Coach Induction Program is crafted to focus on manifesting the aforesaid traits which arm the coaches to achieve their sports coaching career objectives. This comprehensive training empowers the coaches to ensure that following issues are considered when conducting coaching sessions:

  • Provide a safe environment
  • Plan the session thoroughly
  • Supervise other coaches and children closely
  • Know emergency first aid procedures
Cricket Coach

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The backbone of effective delivery of cricket training is the coach. A quality coach is a teacher, a mentor, a guide and a friend to their players. Good coaching will provide a positive environment for children to learn, grow and develop with the ultimate prize of reaching their potential, whatever level that will be.

Cricket India Academy understands this importance and believes strongly in the important role of the coach. Therefore, the training and ongoing performance measurement of all coaches is a major focus for the company.

Coach Director and former Indian national cricketer Pravin Amre heads the coaching division. Through his cricket and coaching networks he is able to identify talented local coaches based on their playing experience, coaching qualifications and coaching experience.

For Cricket Education Program, specially selected coaches are trained by Cricket Australia to build upon and enhance their current coaching knowledge and skills. This exclusive Cricket Australia training program teaches modern cricket training methodology and focuses on training coaches to provide a more enhanced learning environment for participants.

An international accreditation jointly signed by Cricket Australia and Fourth Dimension International is provided to all successful coaches trained in this dynamic manner.

Cricket Australia trained Coach Assessors also work closely with coaches to monitor their performance and provide ongoing advice, training and development.

Underpinning the ongoing education and training of coaches is the Cricket India Academy Coaches Association of which all accredited coaches are provided free membership.

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